Imagine That (single)

by Impulse

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Imagine That
Impulse (Nick Riley)

We were young kids, clueless about life,
Took advice from our parents and that's right,
We were best friends, nothing could separate us,
Couldn't understand a world that was bigger than us,

Do ya still hang a photo on your fridge,
First day at the Bus stop kickin' it,
Elementary, that was as good as it gets,
All we cared about cared about was gettin to recess

But all that changed when we started growin' up,
Adoptin the pattens that we had started pickin up,
Welcome to middle school, fatal attractions,
You started gettin' used, to the attention,

And suddenly, your innocence,
Started fadin' like the smile you once kept,
Started noticing the boys were noticin' you,
I just kept prayin' , that you, would find the truth,

I would change the world for you,
If you would change the girl I see,

Over time, you started ignoring me,
Caught up in your own popularity,
Soon enough it was startin' to bother me,
I saw the devil, he was workin' behind the scenes,

High school rolled around and then what?
So conceded it was leavin' me awestruck,
Ya Had dudes lined up to get some,
No one around had a clue what had happened,

Then one day, you learned the hard way,
Never thought, you'd be havin' a baby,
Suddenly you had hit the brick wall,
Head on collision with the truth of it all,

but Your baby, she was beautiful no lie,
You could tell, she'd been given your brown eyes,
And I pray every day of my short life,
That she will grow up, knowin' you did right.


released August 17, 2010



all rights reserved