Sabbat (single + instrumental)

by Impulse

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released May 1, 2011



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Track Name: Sabbat (pre-order Brother Pride today!)
Nick Riley

This the spirit of hip hop,
Which also correlates to this spirit of this walk,
Amazin' and incredible,
I been holdin' myself back for a minute,
But I'm ready like Jesse Owens to run with it,
Don't need no gold medal, but a gold plated gas pedal,
I would settle for, I'm ready for more,
Sick to the stomach uh junk food, dude, I got
Mood swings bigger than the beats you do,

-Whoo - hoo (sing Eb - C), I'm ready for the bass to drop,
My knee Caps pop, and feelin' returns to my shoes and socks,
Where in the world is that rock band you ask?
Well he's on stage, makin' a scene, and givin' praise, So
Toss yah Bags uh Crack Co-Caine into the trash,
No stash needed to get hyped up ,
Whether you up front, or way back in the very back,
Put your hands up like you havin' a heart attack,

Raise your hands if you wantin' to make it rain down,
We been livin' in silence for too long,
And If you're ready to pickup the broken pieces,
There ain't a better time... to cry out...

I'm done tryin' to impress anybody,
Yet at the same time wantin' to leave an impression,
Thumb print on yah brain scanner, my main mission,
is to plant explosives without usin' inception,
No deception to speak of,
I keep it more clean than a petticoat straight from the laun-dah-ry,
Good at deliverin' punch lines,
In fact the punch line is my fav-o-rite spot when I'm tired and hot,

(inhale) take a deep breath, lung capacity av-er-ages,
4 and a half liters, can you believe that?
I got stuff to say, so please pray for me,
as I be the dude who love makin' a scene,
It ain't a criminal offense, can I get a witness?
Even if we are Huey, Dewey, and Louie goofy
After all, we only gonna live once,
and I ain't one to pass up an opportunity to...