Brother Pride

by Impulse

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    Brother Pride out now!
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    Peace and love,
    Nick Impulse Riley

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Hello, hello! This is my debut into hip hop and also my first ever full length album. Since March or so of this year I've been in the lab tracking, mixing and editing and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers and I hope you have just as much fun listening to it as I've had creating it.

Peace and love (as always!),
Nick Impulse Riley


released November 7, 2011

I would like to think the Lord God for his blessing on my life throughout this recording process and instilling a creative spirit within me, my family for all of your constant love and support, Blake Braden for all of his help with fonts, layouts, and designs, Ian Trautner (Pariah) - my best friend and inspiration, Damon Geddins Jr. (Poin Dexter) whose crazy flow and lyrical genius makes me want to go that much harder on every track I'm on, Ethan Sullivan (Grizzly E.) for laying down sick flow and helping me devise the best beat ever composed at Chick-fil-A, Andrew Riley for his acoustic guitar part before the final chorus on "Collision," Sarah Hansen and all of the Hansen family (thank you for everything! You all are like my second family!), Sammy Vargas, head of Royal Crown Productions, for all of the love and great conversation (KC represent!), Erik Wilson for being my PIC and letting me blast tunes through his subwoofer supreme, All of my homies back in Kansas City; I'll represent till I die. Also, thank you to every one of my friends at TNU for being there for me and getting me pumped up. Your feedback pushed me to make this a full length record.



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Track Name: Introducing...
Impulse (Nick Riley)

Hello, hello, this is Impulse here.
Thank you for downloading my record,
Or buying it from me legally,
Or illegally downloading it.
ahh.. Just wanted to say this one goes out to...
My friends, my family, My God who I worship,
And anybody who said my flow is dusty.
Yeah, you know who I'm talkin' about.
This one goes out to you.

Yah, name another kid with the recipe, to whip up and then flip a track,
well I'm back, I guess I hadn't even started, this is my first record (in hip hop)...
I got a couple uh singles under my belt, yessir.
I'm smackin' foes with steel blows, and crowbar flows,
- And I only go harder when I am, provoked,

Not a slowpoke, maybe slowbro,
- Got incredible intelligence I was blessed with,
Why you think I spent all these hours writing and recording this record?
- Introducing an alternative, the flea flicker, the much sicker,
The kicker, Captain hook, line and sinker,
and I expect, all uh y'all to sink your teeth in,

I reccomend you grab a poncho,
I'm flowin' flowin' down the city like a waterfall,
Avalanchin' the people that are waitin' at the bottom to see me fall but I'm not, droppin' anything on 'em but the hottest, I'm bein' honest, really.
I am no clone of any rapper, Dolly as my witness, Imma capture,
Every moment of this existence I am a part of,
Impulse showin' love for all my brotha's... pride.
Track Name: Sabbat
Nick Riley

V1: This the spirit of hip hop,
Which also correlates to this spirit of this walk,
Amazin' and incredible,
I been holdin' myself back for a minute,
But I'm ready like Jesse Owens to run with it,
Don't need no gold medal, but a gold plated gas pedal,
I would settle for, I'm ready for more,
Sick to the stomach uh junk food, dude, I got
Mood swings bigger than the beats you do,

V2: Whoo hoo, I'm ready for the bass to drop,
My knee Caps pop, and feelin' returns to my shoes and socks,
Where in the world is that rock band you ask?
Well he's on stage, makin' a scene, and givin' praise, So
Toss yah Bags uh Crack Co-Caine into the trash,
No stash needed to get hyped up ,
Whether you up front, or way back in the very back,
Put your hands up like you havin' a heart attack,

Raise your hands if you wantin' to make it rain down,
We been livin' in silence for too long,
And If you're ready to pickup the broken pieces,
There ain't a better time... to cry out...

V3: I'm done tryin' to impress anybody,
Yet at the same time wantin' to leave an impression,
Thumb print on yah brain scanner, my main mission,
is to plant explosives without usin' inception,
No deception to speak of,
I keep it more clean than a petticoat straight from the laun-dah-ry,
Good at deliverin' punch lines,
In fact the punch line is my fav-o-rite spot when I'm tired and hot,

V4: (inhale) take a deep breath, lung capacity av-er-ages,
4 and a half liters, can you believe that?
I got stuff to say, so please pray for me,
as I be the dude who love makin' a scene,
It ain't a criminal offense, can I get a witness?
Even if we are Huey, Dewey, and Louie goofy
After all, we only gonna live once,
and I ain't one to pass up an opportunity to...
Track Name: Brain Funk
Brain Funk
Impulse (Nick Riley)

V1: I could kill right now for some motivation,
Guess that’s what I get for tryna be creative,
No, I never settle for the dry ice,
Yes I’m a little disappointed with the club life,

V2: So you wanna let your chain hang low? Shoot,
Goth dudes back in high school did too.
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with the occasional bling,
But somma ya’ll dressin’ up like beauty queens.

V3: I was born in the one and only KC,
Two, lovin’ parents, a younger brother, my family.
Me and my homies mashin’ buttons on the 64,
Flip tricks off uh curbs when we got bored,

V4: 5th grade when the towers fell in 01,
Too young to understand the implications,
But who can blame a kid, for wantin’ to have fun,
I guess it’s just growin’ pains that I’m facin’


How can I measure up? (Don't need to)
When I'm afraid uh these changes,
and time that I'm wastin',
I'm gonna give it up,
Live for completin' this vision,
Thank you, for believing' in me...

V5: ......... I'm so blessed,
- Got through the rough patches with a silk vest,
- Lookin' top notch when I step in to the room,
Sometimes, nah, I prefer the casual,

V6: Yes I was a late bloomer, call it call it summer time,
Blond hair, pale skin, with the hazel eyes,
Love it when I can't figure how to categorize,
Those who, share the hi's, and the goodbyes,

V7: I have cried, and I'm not ashamed to admit that,
I can rap, but poetry's where my heart is at,
Poetry in motion is the boom bap,
Ride that through the city, write your own map,

V8: I act ghetto sometimes when I'm really bored ,
And always till I die, I'm servin' the Lord,
Best believe, as up and down as this journey gets,
I won't stress, I'm coastin' on this coaster instead,


V9: It's about that time, when the
Curtains gettin' drawn back from side to side,
Intimated by the mic,
Funny looks from the audience, waitin' for you to start cookin,

-You have all the ingredients to do great things,
The only question remaining, is do you believe?
In yourself, in your fam, in the God who is holdin' your
hand when you can't understand why...

We all get tired at times,
Composin' elegant rhymes,
When we are hurtin' inside,
But I will never give in,
It's time to begin...

There's a whole world waitin' on your next move,
Let's go

Don't need to measure up,
When I'm afraid uh these changes,
and time that I'm wastin',
I'm gonna give it up,
Live for completin' this vision,
Thank you, for believing' in me...
Track Name: World War
World War
Nick Riley

We gonna have to fight
We gonna have to fight
We gonna have to fight now,
Spiritual warfare,
Impulse, what up?

V1: We know a know a silent fiend,
Who lives inside us all,
Wantin' nothin' more than to take away the joy we call,
In ink he scawls us all,
Upon an empty wall,
Countin' down days before we slip up and a take the fall,
We wanted nothing less,
Than to know what it meant,
To live without the loomin' fear of insignificance,
And without you we would be clueless in the ways of it,
Clueless in every way in terms of finding innocence,

V2: We in a world War,
They battles everywhere.
The sin of man personified in bullet form appear,
Rippin' the earth ta shreds, hatred distressin', causin' fear,
We in a choke hold and the demons never disappear,
We are the tortured hand,
That reaches out to God,
Can you not taste the sorrow drippin from my bullet scars?
But you are light engraved,
Upon once shattered life,
And we takin' up arms battlin' all they demon spite,

And we ready to fight,
Sword of the Spirit,
We got a fist full uh pain and we ready to bring it,
Word uh truth leadin' to automatic KO,
Now everybody know, everybody know.

Alternate Chorus:
All my people get cha ammunition,
We refuse to be overun,
Raise that flag up and assume positions,
We reclaimin' this planet for the the Son.

V3: We in a new age,
And yet it's getting old,
Don't wanna buy into your movement cuz you're moving coal,
Convincing everyone around you to embrace the mold,
But fitting in begins a festering within the soul,
I do not claim to be,
perfection in the least,
And I refuse to judge the living, or resting in peace,
But if you ever askin' why I don't acknowledge Priest,
It's because Judas left a poison kiss on either cheek,

V4: We know a conduit,
A means by which to feel,
Preventin' me from killin' myself when the pain is real,
A joy so intimate the intimidation is healed,
No longer (draggin' my feet (triplet), though I may stagger through these fields,
I'm holdin' my morale,
Way up above my head,
Because I been resurrected and I ain't fearin' death,
- If you still wanna hate on what I stand for, go ahead, but
follow and we'll dine on eternal bread...
Track Name: Collision
Nick Riley

1: "Come on, Light that up... (inhale sound)
2: “Oh I got you man, I got you…”
1: (coughing)
2: “Don’t be coughin’ on me now.”
1: “That’s the stuff, Oh that’s the stuff – hits the spot every time.."
2: “For real, for real for real” (while 1 is inhaling and exhaling deeply…”
1: "Hickory smoke...
Yo, I love this fireplace."
2: yah…

V1: Lieutenant scribbles here, (huh? That's not your real name!)
I can say whatever I want to, I made the track.
In fact I'm featured most heavily on this album, cause
this is my debut and I don't care what critics say.
I bet you're jealous of my life style.
I make exceptional money mowing lawns and doing mulch jobs,
but con-trary to the average,
I have a secret identity and superpowers, inside of me

V2: I am fighting to win,
a nuclear reactor acting as an antimatter machine,
Unstable to the point of a meltdown,
But excitable enough to blow up a whole town,
Without even breaking a sweat,
Demolishin' every building who doesn't believe I could actually could topple it,
I've kept a low profile until now, but you
Better believe - Impulse is bringin' roofs down.

All you hyperactive children,
Drop your adderall medication,
Crank that volume up and listen,
We 'bout to cause a collision.

V3: Look out below I'm a cliff diver,
Never dove a Dover cuz I'm not British either,
But I like a good spot of afternoon tea,
So long as it ain't lipton, Because I
get enough lip from y'all as it already is,
Time for me to move on to the next one,
My music is so far in the future,
Even kids born in 3012 will discover it,

V4: Hieroglyphics composed of computer keys,
When I sneeze yah equilibrium freeze, at the
Same time my heart skips a beat, and the earth
Loses .7 seconds of rotation 'round the sun's heat,
Lightning pro-jects from my fingertips when I go ADHD
on man who hate me, and the can uh string cheese,
Lookin' like a string bean, but at least I be healthy,

I'm ready to show myself,
I'm fixin' to blow it up,
The stage is my recipe for disaster,
Dividing my words from filth,
I can't help but live it up,
The cage has already been abandoned.
Track Name: Try and Stop This feat. Po!n Dexter
Try and Stop This
Nick Riley (guest vocals by Damon Geddins - verses 3 & 4)

V1: I'm carryin' every single meaningful thing inside of my hand, the people I love, the enemies that I couldn't stand, the faith I'm desperate to keep, the person I'm desperate to be, the seemingly intangible dreams that are burning a hole in my sleeves, and I'm a 100% ready to care about, Something bigger than than the petty problems I can't figure out, a reason why, I been lookin' down on myself... Well guess what? There's no one standin' in front of me now,

V2: I see the light, I see a burning hole in the night sky, So beautiful I fall on my face and cry out, Who is He, who created the splendor that I've neglected? I'm disgusted with livin' life with autopilot selected, I keep messin' up, but I will never let you discourage me, This track is for every kid who leavin' a legacy, and for those turnin' your noses up it's time to get your act together, don't be a victim of wasting your life,
it gets better.

You and try and stop this, all you want, but you can't runaway forever, Sooner or later you're gonna have to face the music, face the music,
I'm not invincible, but I am sure of one thing, sure of one thing, I'll be the first to admit everything I am...

Poin Dexter - Damon Geddins (v. 3-4)

V3: Now when my life flashes before my eyes,
I wanna look proud, not turn away,
I never wanna feel my soul burn away so I
Save for tomorrow what I earn today,
In death and concern as we turnin' grey, but it
Lurks as the night time turn to day,
The time move with an urgent stray so I
Live and learn 'till it's my turn to decay,
I live and learn 'till it's my turn to pay,
The price that is paid at the end of the show,
Tear drops from the eyes of my kin to the floor,
But the memories that will stay within only grow,
And the memories that will stay within only show,
Everything I was, my intentions and mo', the
Most I can be what I've been from the go and the
Size of my heart very simple to show...

V4: It's simple to gloat,
My time on earth is the rent that I owe so I
Pay my dues and I slay my rues and I
Do every single thing I say I do,
If you a comrade, imma stay by you,
Can't forget the good times like deja-vu,
Real since birth, gotta stay by truth,
In the end they will never say I swayed my couth,
Day by day imma make my moves and
Leave my fingerprints on the surface,
They don't know it 'till they gone, it's worth it,
Life's great in the zone with purpose,
So I owe my purchase,
While I'm paying what I owe, it's perfect,
Much drifting, uplifting,
Live it up or your hopes is worthless.


V5: Not a perfect man, Not a perfect son,
I’m often apologetic when push comes to shove,
I’m Not a hustler, So much more than that…
I am a an eagle without anyone to hold me back.
Because the love I have, is not a selfish act,
Even when I’m conflicted, I’m uplifted by the fact,
That me of all people was blessed enough to flip the tracks that maybe mean somebody else can know the facts…
Track Name: MmmK
- Letting my vision return within seconds, I,
- Fe-el a (little bit) chilly upon entering (into the) Tv,
- Who is the mastermind behind the (static?) devious...
- I only request to escape created energy...

Fractured, synthetic, and wasted body eventually gonna turn to dust,
Betting on a compound interest wager to brave this incessant rust.
- Don't make me make myself laugh, I'll have a pack uh matches lit up,
After the opportunity pass, hoping I chose well the paths I took.

- In reflection, why (was I giv)en silver spoon if not to as-
sume responsi(bilty) of feeding the fat children?
- How can I pretend, the millions of pens were all used
for painting meaningful things upon blank pages?

- I tend towards bold sentiments forgive my ignorance,
My years are no more than two decades, the stage keeps widening,
Problems are no more prevalent in mirror mine, but I kindly
advise you to open your mind's eye...

Biased I am because the best I am, potentially…
Track Name: Dark Eyes
Dark Eyes
Impulse (Nick Riley)

Ok, so listen up,
I am gonna be quaint,
I want everybody to burn tha instrumentals on this tape,
And re-cord verses over the -top uh them, sell 'em
and pretend that the royalties, are - yours to spend,

I'm of the opinion that it makes sense to steal,
Lie, cheat, hate, kill, and cause grief for the ill.
After all, isn't that what we all are good - at?
Human nature, my neighbor, came and told so,
You see? Fact.

But I, being the type to question asked,
"Why should all of us be expected to leave a dark past?"
- I Don't wanna be another stain on the canvas,
Bob Ross would be hacked at the blatant lack of progress.

I digress, I need some caffeine and a head rest.
- Busy bodies are busy being obnoxious,
So I'll sell out before even being discovered yet,
Cuz I'm sick tryna - compete against complacence and igorance.

1 for the money,
2 for the show,
3 for the sell outs who just want more
- 4 fuh the kid tryna keep it real,
Never let 'em take away that original feel,

I favor topics with crafty prose and dialogue,
The Wary Marksmen is good at choppin' up monologues,
So I'll waste a bar explaining how I'm cool and stuff,
But it's aight I've got another 12 bars to make it up,

12 bars to uppercut, scissors leavin' the paper cut,
Ouch! I didn't think, that would hurt so much,
Really, though, I'm starvin' for some lunch to munch,
Maybe a chicken sandwich or bowel full' uh honey bunch,

Gettin' mad and actin' like a first grader,
When introduced to irritable fiends wit' lightsabers.
Gotta get my mind right, my eyes been,
Just a little darker lately than solar eclipse light,

It doesn't bother me when people chuckin' Grade A,
Ground beef is wonderful any time uh the day,
Especially considering that I'm toppin with cheddar,
Like Old Smokey, a magical replacement uh the snowy weather,